‘Til We Meet Again Book Review

‘Til We Meet Again is a book just as much about courage in the face of fear, and trust in the face of doubt, as it is about the story of Ray and Betty Whipps and their unlikely love forged in a field hospital during World War II.

For readers looking to understand the life of an enlisted soldier in the foxholes and battlefields of World War II, ‘Til We Meet Again is the book to read. ‘Til We Meet Again documents Ray Whipps’, an enlisted infantryman, journey through the war and his continued reliance upon God to get him through the nightmare of war. Lacking the grittiness of a secular memoir, ‘Til We Meet Again beautifully captures both the darkness of war and the reality that even in the desperation and darkness, God is ever present.

The beginning of the novel introduces readers to eight-year-old Ray Whipps. Young Whipps dreams of the day when he might be able to take to the sky as a pilot, and it is that dream that leads Whipps to enlist in the Navy Air Corps following the attack on Pearl Harbor. That’s where the story really begins and where Whipps’ faith in God’s will is tested.

Authors Ray and Betty Whipp along with Craig Borlase do an exceptional job of portraying Ray and Betty’s personal experiences in the war and the turmoil they endured after being separated by it. Ray and Betty’s love, as depicted in the book, speaks to the power of love to provide hope when all hope seems lost. The language of the memoir is poignant and crisp, giving each moment in the work the perfect dose of conciseness and detail.

Be prepared to shed a few tears as you read ‘Til We Meet Again, the story is not without its share of loss and tragedy. Whipps loses comrades in horrible enemy attacks and must endure moments that without God’s help would have surely broken his faith. The tears shed on the pages of the book are surely a testament to impact of the work and Whipps’ ability to face incredible suffering and never lose sight that it is God who walks beside us each step of the way.

For readers looking to strengthen their trust in God and read a well-written story of love and war, ‘Til We Meet Again should be at the top of their reading list.

Cover: 'Til We Meet Again

I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book for review by Tyndale House Publishers. The ideas expressed in this review are entirely my own.

*Book cover image from Tyndale House Publishers


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