Reframe: A Book Review

Reframe, Brian Hardin’s recent book, is rooted deeply in the idea that man was made to crave a relationship with God and until man finds a relationship with God, man will not be who he is supposed to be.

“God has embedded his image in you. It is inseparable from you as you are from it,” says Hardin (4). “You can purify yourself or you can destroy yourself, but you can’t escape yourself. Nor can you escape God. You’re made this way. You’re made for God (4).

Hardin’s claim that man is made for God is a theme throughout the book and points back to Hardin’s thesis: you are made to know God intimately and fully.

Reframe offers practical suggestions for ways to connect to God and build our relationship. Perhaps the strongest side of Hardin’s book is his ability to use practical analogies as well as reference to Scripture to define what a relationship with God should look like.

For Hardin, who states that “A troubled relationship is one that has forgotten what it is—a miracle,” a genuine relationship with God is one that transforms or “reframes” all of life (75).

While Hardin’s belief that a relationship with God is life changing, Hardin misses the mark when he continues to assert that life is primarily about us.

“It’s all about you. And it’s all about what you do next…. It has to be. Your life can be no other way,” says Hardin in the opening pages of Reframe (3).

Perhaps most startling is that Hardin frequently argues that “It’s all about you,” without pointing to the Bible to support his claim. Perhaps he has forgotten that, yes, God loves us unfathomably; he breathes into us the breath of life. The reality is that without God we are nothing. This life is about God working in us to “will and do to of his good pleasure” (Philippians 2:13).

While I applaud Hardin’s honesty in showing that it can be difficult for fallen man to build a relationship with a gracious God, I believe Reframe would benefit from a greater attention to and consideration of theology and Scripture.

Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of Reframe in exchange for my honest review.



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