Longing for Paris: A Book Review

Who hasn’t at some point in life wanted to be somewhere other than where they were or someone other than who they are? For most people, the longing for more than what is experienced in the present is something that will come at one time or another. Author of Longing for Paris, Sarah Mae gets it. She gets the longing for more, the longing to travel, the longing to be other than what we already are.

In Longing for Paris, Sarah Mae speaks about her own journey from longing to go to Paris and experience its sights, sounds, and beauty to a place of accepting the beauty that was already in her life and coming to terms with the reality that she could be happy where she was.

“How do I navigate the tensions between my longings and my reality,” asks Sarah Mae in the author’s note at the book’s beginning (xvii). “How do I figure out how to enjoy my life right in the middle of the normalcy of it all? (xvii).

Sarah Mae answers her question throughout the book.

Aimed at readers who are likely to be wives and mothers, Longing for Paris delves into biblical truths to help the reader understand that one doesn’t have to travel the world to live a content and full life full of adventure. God has given us the world around us where we can experience joy and adventure.

Pointing to the truth of the Gospel, Sarah Mae concludes that:

It is home [heaven] where all our longings will be fulfilled….The source of longing was put there so that you and I would never be fulfilled here. Nothing will fulfill us long-term on this earth (196).

Leaving readers with the hope that one day the deepest desires of their hearts will come true, Sarah Mae closes her book by saying, “And one day we will be with Him [Christ]. We will be home. And all our longings will be fulfilled” (197).

*Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of Longing for Paris in exchange for my honest review.

Longing for Paris

Longing for Paris


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