The Gentle Art of Discipling Women: A Review

When I saw that Tyndale was offering for review Dana Yeakley’s book The Gentle Art of Discipling Women, I was immediately interested reading the book. As someone who is interested in discipling other women, the title and focus of the book resonated in me.

For people like me who don’t have experience discipling women, Yeakley’s book provides detailed suggestions about how to begin and structure a discipleship relationship with someone.

In The Gentle Art of Discipling Women, Yeakley shares stories and suggestions from her own experience discipling other women. By sharing her personal stories and struggles as a discipler, Yeakley helps readers gain insight and wisdom into how to approach and frame a beneficial discipleship relationship that will keep both the discipler and the one being discipled focused on the journey toward deeper communion with the Lord.

While Yeakley offers practical insight, thought-provoking questions, and Bible study information in her book, the book at times seems to lack the understanding that not all discipleship relationships will fit narrowly within the boundaries that Yeakley seems to suggest.

Overall, The Gentle Art of Discipling Women is a well thought out book that offers practical advice and encouragement for women who feel the pull to disciple other women for God’s glory.

*Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for my review. 978-1-63146-382-2.jpg


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