Beginnings: A Book Review

As we look forward to the start of the new year and plan ahead for ways we want to change and grow during the next year, the book Beginnings by Steve Wiens is one that offers a biblical perspective on how to create and foster new beginnings in our lives.

In Beginnings, Wiens weaves stories of his own journey to create beginnings in with his advice on how readers can also view theirs lives and carve a fresh start. Using the Creation story as a guide, Wiens leads readers on a journey toward recognizing the seeds for growth within and then acting upon the desire to begin again. Each chapter of the book corresponds to a day of Creation and focuses upon how each day can coincide with a new day in our life.

As a writer, Wiens captures the reader’s attention with he well-written chapters and narratives. Clearly, Wiens appreciates the value of a well-written word as illustrated by the almost poetic rhythm of his book at times. This is one of the book’s strong points.

While I applaud Wien’s effort and his intention with the book, his connection between man creating new beginnings in life and the Creation story can seem something of a stretch or a narrow frame imposed upon the journey of life. However, for many readers this may be a valuable way to look at the journey toward becoming a new creation and growing into something new.



*Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of Beginnings in exchange for my review.





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