The Lifegiving Home: A book review

Sometimes it can be hard to be hospitable and create a home environment that is nurturing to both individuals inside that family and without. The Lifegiving Home by mother and daughter duo Sally and Sarah Clarkson offers practical tips and tricks for readers who want to know how to foster life, joy, and beauty within the home.

Not only does the Clarksons’ book offer practical solutions relating to how one may foster a Lifegiving home (anecdotes from how the Clarkson family did this and the traditions they created are offered in the book), but the book also points to the importance of the home as a place where God can be honored through the actions and love offered by those within the home. The book is filled with ideas about how families can creat traditions both for their family and with other people.

Closeup of cup of tea on ornamented table cloth

The Lifegiving Home is broken into chapters based upon a month of the year and incorporates ideas for festivities within those months as well as traditions the Clarkson Family developed (sources of reference for readers considering how they, too, might structure family festivities or holidays).
While the Clarkson ladies are clearly passionate about nurturing a Lifegiving and soul-feeding home environment, reading their book filled with advice and the many references to their own traditions and lifestyle, can seem overwhelming as not every reader is likely to have the time or capacity to implement all of the ideas or traditions of the authors. However, there are traditions or ideas that every reader can take away from the book and implement regardless of their phase of life.Book cover
*Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review.

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