Having a Martha Home the Mary Way: A Book Review

Sometimes finding the motivation to clean can be a challenge, and that’s something Sarah Mae addresses in her book Having a Martha Home the Mary Way. Using the biblical story of Mary and Martha as an example, Sarah Mae shapes her book to help readers be both active in cleaning and ordering their homes as Martha would while still stewarding spiritual order and growth in the manner of Mary.

By using anecdotes from her own life, Sarah Mae is likely to resonate with readers who have ever felt overwhelmed by cleaning and haven’t known where to begin. Sarah Mae’s book offers a daily housecleaning challenge and offers readers some tips on how they can streamline household chores. Readers who are looking for ways to organize their living spaces will appreciate that Sarah Mae offers helpful ways for them to order their spaces.

While household chores are a focus of Having a Martha Home the Mary Way, the author doesn’t neglect the importance of spiritual tending and offers at the end of chapters Bible passages for readers to explore and respond to. Readers looking for a way to balance the spiritual nurturing of their soul with the need to have an orderly home will find Sarah Mae’s book balanced and helpful.

*Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review.



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