Saving My Assassin: A Book Review

Virginia Prodan is no wimp. Interrogated, threatened, and nearly killed for her belief in God and the legal assistance she offered to Christians in Communist Romania, Virginia Prodan’s survival is nothing but miraculous. Educated as an attorney, Virginia came to faith in Christ during the Communist oppression under President Ceausescu’s rule in Romania. In her book Saving My Assassin, Virgian recounts her story and her experience practicing law as an attorney in Romania.

Virginia’s Saving My Assassin is a testament to God’s power to protect and provide even in challenging circumstances. For readers who need a renewed hope in the power of God to provide, Virginia’s book offers an example of God’s unfailing power.

“I had spent my entire life searching for answers–first with my family, then in law school, and now as an attorney–but no matter how hard I tried, the truth seemed to elude me,” Virginia writes in her book (106).

In a Romania church one Sunday morning, Virginia found the truth, and it set her free–changing the course of her life.

“For the first time in my life, everything made sense. I had spent years searching for the truth, but I had been looking in the wrong places . . .” (109). “I suddenly realized that the truth was not something that came from law books, but from God himself: the Creator of the universe–my Creator; the source of all life, peace and happiness,” Virginia says (109).

In a country riddled with Securitate who interrogated and threatened, where Christianity was not welcome, and people disappeared mysteriously, Virginia chose as a Christian attorney to fight for religious freedom and gained international recognition for her efforts and also faced extreme danger. Placed under house arrest, abused, and nearly killed, Virginia never abandoned her faith but chose to be kind to her enemies.

When facing her would-be assassin, Virginia chose to share about Christ rather than spew hatred for the man planning to kill her. And it saved him. It is because Christ and his power to save, we can read Saving My Assassin.


*Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of Saving My Assassin in exchange for my review.



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