Moments and Days: A Book Review

As we edge closer to the end of the year and autumn greets us with fading light and cooler days, we may begin to reflect upon the holiday season that is quickly approaching. Particularly, we may look forward to Christmas: perhaps the most well-known Christian holiday. In Moments & Days, author Michelle VanLoon, a Messianic Jew, provides insight and history about the Christian and Jewish holidays that are celebrated by many.

Oftentimes we may know of Jewish or Christian holidays such as Rosh Hashanah, Pentecost, or Lent but may lack a full understanding of how, why, and when those holidays got started. Michelle Van Loon’s Moments & Days is an informative read if you want to learn more about Jewish holidays or perhaps want to learn how you, or your church, can begin a celebration of those holidays.

In Moments & Days, Van Loon says: “I’ve heard dozens of sermons over the years about financial stewardship but precious few about how to steward time. Our sacred calendars provide us an opportunity to consider as individuals and as church communities how we’re living eternity every day” (Van Loon, 185).

Van Loon’s may serve as a reminder to us that we can choose to set aside time to reflect upon and commemorate the goodness of God who came to the world to redeem us so that we might live in eternity, completely free from the shackles of temporal time.

Those looking for new ways to commemorate and mark the acts of God may find by reading Moments & Days that they have fresh ideas on how they may accomplish that.



Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of Moments & Days in exchange for my review.


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