365 Pocket Morning Prayers: A Book Review

As part of your morning devotional time, you might include times of prayer to go along with Scripture reading. If you’re looking for a a book that covers a variety of topics that you, like the author, might bring to God in prayer during a devotional time, then look no further than David Veerman’s 365 Pocket Morning Prayers. The book offers short prayers that readers can pray and includes Bible passages to go along with the prayers.

Veerman’s 365 Pocket Morning Prayers is a good book to keep on your nightstand and pick up in the morning when you’re doing devotions. The prayers in the book are written in the way that will likely resonate with what readers may be experiencing–things that are driving them to their knees in prayer. While the prayers  in the book shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a supplement to a reader’s own prayers, the book provides readers with meaningful prayers to pray when their words might fail to express what they are experiencing or when they need insight into how they might pray.

The prayers in 365 Pocket Morning Prayers are written from a  personal perspective (and it may be assumed that the author himself has written them from his own experience) and readers will likely find that many, if not all, ring true to their own life experience and the things they, too, need to pray.

*Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a copy of 365 Pocket Morning Prayers in exchange for my review.



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