All the Pretty Little Things: A Book Review

Haling from a poor family in Tennessee where food was often scarce and joblessness a normal, author Edie Wadsworth’s life has change a lot from her days growing up in a family with an alcoholic father. In her book All the Pretty Things, Wadsworth recounts in compelling detail stories from her difficult childhood in which she would sometimes help care for her drunk father and experience the pain of having a father who was never fully engaged in her life.

All the Pretty Things doesn’t gloss over Wadsworth’s growing up years or the pain she experience in the face of abuse and brokenness. The book is a message of hope for readers who like Wadsworth have difficulty pasts and painful memories. After making poor choices and exhibiting destructive behavior, Wadsworth, who became a medical doctor, found hope and beauty amidst the ashes of life and came to know God, a Father to the Fatherless, in a deeper way. Her book tells the tale.

Wadsworth’s book is well-written, compelling story that readers may find to be more like a novel than a biography. For those who need a reminder that no one is past the reach of God’s grace and that even ugly things can be made into something beautiful, All the Pretty Things is a worthwhile read.


*Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a copy of All the Pretty Things in Exchange for my review.


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