A Book Review: Your Magnificent Chooser

Parents and caretakers of small children know that making good choices can be hard for little ones. There are so many choices every day and so many opportunities for children to make bad ones. So how’s a parent or caretaker to explain to children the importance of making positive choices? Reading the book Your Magnificent Chooser, a picture book with rhyming words, is a place to start. Your Magnificent Chooser by John Ortberg provides insight into the importance of choice and teaches that we have choices to make in life and that we can either choose well or poorly.

978-1-4964-1742-8Your Magnificent Chooser has lovely illustrations to catch the eyes of young readers or little ones who can listen as someone reads the book aloud to them. The book provides children with important lessons: “You could use it [“your Chooser’] to hit;/You could use it to shove,/But please don’t, for the best way/To use it is love,” and that “God gave you your Chooser,/So Choosers are good./He wants you to use it/The way Jesus would” (20, 29).

Ortberg’s book teaches about the importance of choosing well in a way that not all children’s books teach. It’s a lovely little book, and I’d recommend it to parents and caretakers who want to instill in the children they care for the importance of choosing wisely even at a young age.

*Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of Your Magnificent Chooser.


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