Still Waiting: A Book Review

For many of us, waiting doesn’t come easily. We often want immediate results when we make a change in our lives that we think will provide some benefit to us, want our difficult circumstances to change, and we want God to move in our lives when we think he should. But sometimes, as we know, we must wait. In her book Still Waiting, author Ann Swindell writes about her battle with trichotillomania and her years of waiting on God to cure her of the condition. Still Waiting recounts Ann’s journey, and it also weaves in the story of the Bleeding Woman in the Bible–a woman who waited over 10 years for healing before she met Jesus. The book is one of hope for those who wonder just what God is doing in the midst of suffering and waiting.

Swindell’s book is an encouragement for those who struggle with chronic illness, mental disorders, or a situation in which waiting on God for healing and restoration is a reality. Vulnerably recounting her experience with trichotillomania, a condition in which the sufferer pulls out their hair, Swindell tells her story of battling with shame and guilt while desiring God’s healing. Although (spoiler alert) Ann has not yet been healed of the disorder she has faced for years, her book points to hope. Still Waiting speaks to the truth that the God who makes all things new, and who may for some provide physical healing in this life, will fulfill his promise to us of healing and restoration if not in this life then in the next.

Whether you’re struggling with a mental illness, broken relationships, or shattered dreams, Still Waiting is a book that can speak to you the truth of God’s love and the reality that we are all broken people held in the hands of a loving God. We are never past his grace.



*Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of Still Waiting in exchange for my review.


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