Tranquility: A Book Review

Sometimes in the mornings, or even at any other time of day we do devotions, it can be challenging to clear our heads and pray–sometimes words can fail us. Tranquility, a book published by Tyndale House Publishers, is a tool that can be used during devotional times when searching for words to pray is a challenge. Tranquility is marketed as “A Prayer and Reflection Coloring Journal,” and that sums up the book well. Prayers in the book are relatively short and address a number of different topics, and the book provides companion Bible verses to go along with the prayers. Fun illustrations that can be colored in the book are included also.

Although Tranquility is likely not going to push readers into new theological territory with the straightforward prayers it offers for readers to pray, the prayers do hit upon issues that are likely to be ones readers struggle with commonly and pray about. The book is a nice tool readers can use if they want to include more structured, short prayers into their 978-1-4964-2179-1daily devotional times.

The illustrations in Tranquility are vibrant and fun, and readers will enjoy the chance to doodle within the pages of the book. One downside is that some of the scrolling texts can be difficult to read, but overall the coloring pages are well-done. The books would make a nice gift for friends or family–another benefit of the product.

*Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of Tranquility in exchange for my reviews.


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